Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Surprise

Somehow it's Monday again! Strange how it creeps up on you, isn't it?

Over here, Mondays mean writing warm ups. But first, do you know what today is? Yes, it is Tax Day, which means you should do something nice for yourself! It's also the one month birthday and book blitz finale for Hell's Hollow! So I'm making it easy for you to do something nice for yourself -- for a limited time, Hell's Hollow is on sale across all formats for just 99 cents! What could be easier :D

Now, on to the morning writing exercise: We're going to go with the idea of doing something nice for oneself. Just write for 10 - 20 minutes. Don't feel like it has to be too serious, it's simply to get the juices flowing. Write a story or poem or essay or song. It could be about something nice you've done for yourself, something nice someone you know did for him/herself, or it could be totally fictional. Give it a whirl, see where it takes you!

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