Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Indie Life

So as I near the end of my first month in the indie life here's where I am so far:

First, I continue to be hugely grateful for the warmth and welcoming of the community. I'm so appreciative of all the bloggers who signed up for the Hell's Hollow cover reveal, blog tour, and book blitz. They make such a difference in helping to spread the word. And other authors have been kind and helpful. And readers have been awesome!

Still, though, I find that sometimes, as I watch numbers go up and down (which I really need to learn not to do), the lack of control makes me a little seasick and I find myself standing on that mountaintop yelling "Here's my book, please give it a chance!" There are just SO many books out there and so many mountaintops. And sometimes I imagine each author standing on their own mountaintop yelling out into the void.

I'm doing what I can to make connections, to help others spread the word about their books because I know I feel less helpless when I'm helping someone else. It's slow-going climbing down off the mountaintop and trudging up someone else's mountaintop to say hello, which is why I'm so grateful for groups like the Indelibles that bring people together, where we can all catch up and connect!

My hope is that as I spend more time in the indie life, I'll find ways to spend more of it connecting with other authors and with bloggers and with readers and less of it yelling from my mountaintop :D

The Indelibles


  1. Congrats on releasing "Hell's Hollow." What a beautiful cover. Here's to great success, Summer. =)

  2. It's so exciting, at first, watching those numbers. It gives you a lot of power. At the same time--they'll drive you crazy if you let them. Just remember that sales will "ebb and flow" and that "ebooks are forever."

    Once the newness wears off, it's easier to look away from the data and not worry so much during the "slow" months. :)

    1. Thank you. This is good advice! And I really appreciate it :D

  3. Truer wisdom has never been spoken by Katie! It's fun checking sales, but eventually that dwindles as we learn the ebb and flow! Congrats!