Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Giving Props

Just have to take a moment to give big kudos to my critique partner, Lauren Blakely, author of Caught Up In Us, who is keeping me focused on all the steps of this complex task of publishing a novel! Every time I start to feel overwhelmed, she throws me a rope and drags me along until I get my legs kicking again. I'm so grateful! And I'm also so impressed by the indie community, how warm and welcoming everyone is, and how willing everyone is to help.

I think this is true of any endeavor we take on in life: make friends along the way! They keep you sane and on task and can teach you so much. And hopefully, you'll be able to return the favor.

Meanwhile, I'm getting excited. Cover developments are happening. Reveals and releases are being plotted. Lots to do, but so thrilled to be getting closer to sharing these characters and this story! Stay tuned :)

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